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How to Approach a Girl


How to Approach a Girl

Has it ever occurred to you that you like a girl but can’t decide on how to approach her? Even the thoughts about going to her and have a little chat make your heart race faster?

Well, this is not something very unique to you. It happens with millions of boys around the world. So, rather than being disheartened, you should know the dos and don’ts so that next time when you see the girl that you like, you can directly approach her and create a good impression. So if you are looking for some tips, this article is for you. Give it a read!

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How You Can Approach a Girl

Make Some Observations

It would turn out to be a grave mistake if you approach her right at the moment you see her. What you have to do is take your time. You should carefully observe her and the situation as well. You have to prepare yourself based on your situational observation. Look out for things she is interested in.  Look out for people whom she is talking to.

Wait for the Right Moment

As the old proverb goes, there is a right moment for everything. So when you have made up your mind that you want to approach the girl, a little bit of patience is needed. You have to observe the situation and approach her only when you think it is the right moment. Remember, timing is very significant. If, for example, her mood is not so well, you might end up creating a really bad impression.

Make eye contact

Suddenly appearing in front of her won’t be a good thing.  So when you are ready to approach her, make sure that you both have had eye contact. This will also give you a crucial signal. You will know, through eye contact, whether your approaching her would be welcome not. You will know it seeing her eyes or expression whether she will appreciate a conversation with you.

Approach her

So when you are convinced of the right time and the right situation, you should approach her.  No matter how confident you are, you will still be a little bit nervous when you stand in front of her. You can start the conversation based on things you have observed about her and the situation some moments earlier. It might be like “hey, it occurred to me that you are interested in birds. I saw you observing the birds flying” or “hey, I see that you have this book by Paulo Coelho. Is he your favorite writer?”

Confess your shyness

Now that you have approached her, confessing your nervousness/shyness can boost up your confidence and make things easier for you. You can tell her that you always get nervous when you meet new people. Even if you don’t say it, she will notice it anyway. So it’s better to tell her about it, considering it has a few advantages as well.

Don’t ask direct questions

Keep it in mind that you should never ask her a direct question during the first conversation. Whatever the thing you want to ask about, make the ground before asking it. She may not appreciate too much openness during the first meet up.

Don’t pretend to be funny

Making funny remarks is, of course, an excellent way to create a good impression. It also keeps the conversation cheerful. But don’t even PRETEND to be funny. If you can joke naturally, then go for it. But if you have to try it hard to make her impressed, then you better don’t go for it. You can try it anytime but not this time.

Final Words

So next time if you are thinking about approaching a girl, keep in mind all the things that have been discussed in this blog. Remember that you have to have belief in yourself in the first place.

Don’t just drive out the thoughts about the girl you like, just because you have a certain kind of fear in your mind or you are simply too shy to approach. You have to step up. And one careful, well-thought-out, well-timed step can create the outcome that you desire.


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