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Now, sometimes it is not that easy to translate from one language to the other. We may often find it difficult when we try to translate from one language to the other one. As we might be good in some language but have little knowledge of the other. When we talk about translating from English to Bengali it’s not that easy. There are some tools available noways that can very well translate the words and phrases from one language to the other. Recently I have come across a few tools that can translate an article from one language to the other one. Considering all those apps and software I must say that, I found Google translator the best. Let us discuss some more tools that can perform English to Bengali Translation work satisfactorily. 



  • Google Translator



This is the best translator according to me. You can not only translate English to Bengali with the help of this app but, you can also translate any other language to any other language. It is freely available and very handy. As soon as you open your browser on chrome, you will find one option on your left-hand side top corner. From there you can open the tool and it will perform all the desired task for your convenience. 


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  1. Babylon Translator 


              This is also one of the best translation tools ever. But there is a problem that the tool is not available for free. If you want to access all the premium features of this tool you must pay to the official Babylon website, and get the premium package. But it’s worth.


  1.  English to Bangla Translation



                There is an app called English to Bangla. A lot of searches an effort has been given to this tool and it also available free of. 


  1. Bangla Keyboard: English to Bangla Typing


                This tools also nice and it is available free of cost.



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