Ten Ways to deal with Breakups

A Relationship stands out to be a very special tie in the lives of couples and each one has a unique point of regarding how they must deal with their relationships. There are a number of waxing situations which a couple might have to encounter. Now it is dependent on the mindset of the couple and effective pattern they utilize to deal with such situations. Despite intensive efforts of the couple, at times few relations gradually fades to the verge of a breakup. It may be luck that was not in favor of the relationship or the existing problems may as well worsen a situation.


Even if a relationship exists for a few days, a couple of months or a number of years, breakups can leave long-lasting effects on people, they may have a break down from the bottom of their hearts, it may be severe to the verge of physical as well as psychological illness.  At times breakups are so intense that it may destroy one’s self-esteem leading to an identity crisis as well. It is a universal truth that time grants us the perfect remedial measures to cope up with one’s emotional wounds and helps the person in the crisis moment to upkeep the physical and mental health and lead oneself back to the mainstream. There are few effective coping mechanisms that will aid an individual in releasing their pent up emotions and instills strength and grace within the persons. There are a number of specific strategies in order to deal with such crisis moments.


It is a natural human tendency to suppressing unpleasant emotions. Avoiding these emotions prevents one from leaving them behind. Multiple emotions tend to crop-up once an individual is left alone after a breakup. These emotions range from anger, sadness, loneliness, a feeling of being rejected remains persistent along with a sense of uncertainty about the upcoming life events. Writing out the thoughts in a diary or crying out their heart can help one gain a clear vision of why such circumstances have been created for which the relation could not turn out to be workable.


It is during these moments that people tend to see the negative of themselves a lot this often affects people’s perception negatively. Painful breakups often distort one’s ability to think beyond the immediate painful feeling. During this stage, people are often unable to remember the incidents for which one is appreciated as they are too much busy focussing on their dark sides. Here practicing self gratitude can be an effective measure for easing out one’s mood and bringing them back to a positive headspace. If an individual makes it a point to enlist the number of things he or she has been achieving until the present date can magnify their state of well being and embellish their outlook about life.  Acknowledging one’s own efforts can direct the thinking pattern in a positive direction. If this process is continued then one may not feel ill- consumed to the extent as he or she used to feel just after the breakup.


After an encounter with a traumatizing break-up, one is unable to exhibit the level of excitement about the things he or she used to love the most before breaking – up. It is the time when one has to gear up or force himself or herself to start enjoying those things. During this moment, a cup of coffee with a friend or a full body massage works as a stimulus for relaxation. Self-care is an essential part of the procedure of healing as it can fill up one’s face with a bright smile and bestow to him or her a feeling of relaxation.


This is the moment when one often remains occupied with their present grievances and possesses an ongoing thought process that the worst always happens to them. It is at this time that they must indulge in acts of charity or helping out people in need. This practice will serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, it will invoke a sense of realization on the part of these individuals that they are not the only ones encountering adversities. This understanding will aid them to forgive the ones who did not turn out to be good for them and forget the past incidents in order to look forward to a better future.  This act will also serve the purpose of rechanneling the emotions of love and kindness within the individual.

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