Ten Business Without Investment Can Start Immediately

In this modern world, anything and everything is possible, including starting a business without investment. It true that to start any business from scratch is not very easy. For starting a new business lot of planning, resources and accurate information are necessary.  

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There are many business ideas in India without any investment you can start if you are having the skill, will power and talent then you can convert it to cash money. Therefore, you need to identify the type of business opportunity commensurate with your talent.

Business Without Investment Ideas

1. Career Counseling:

To start a small scale business like online career counselling with zero investment, all you have to do is to provide the right advice and knowledge to the students in order to let them find the right path. 


2.  Sales Training

For the success of business developments, most of the companies hire professionals with higher pay to get their skilful services. The small scale companies do not have enough capacity to recruit such a skilful professional. However, an effective periodically sales training is necessary for adequate knowledge and expertise with fresh and relevant training material is necessary, therefore, the small companies hire sales trainer for this purpose. If you have adequate knowledge and expertise you can start the business as a sales trainer.  

3. Marketing Associates:

Business ideas are not known by many people in India. Companies hire professional marketers with higher pay to get their skilful services. Many small scale companies do not have them enough capacity to recruit such skilful professional.  If you have adequate knowledge about marketing, the present trend of market competition in similar business you can work as professional marketing associates or advisers. 


4. Slideshow Making

Any person having a creative mind and passionate to work with knowledge of computer and photography can start slideshow making business by using some specific software. Through your creative application, you can easily turn simple photographs to a memorable and presentable slideshow for your client. This business you can start from home by having a computer with some specific software and internet connection.


5. Web Designing

Any person having some basic knowledge of HTML, coding and graphics designing can start this business without investment easily. Every small and big business requires a website to promote their products or services. You can start the business of creating and maintaining a website for your clients only by having a computer with an internet connection, smartphone and with a proper business plan.



6. Wedding Consulting and planning

For a successful wedding, there are two types of work like wedding matchmaking and after fixation of a wedding, organising and planning for the wedding. You can start this home-based business with the help of online promotion.

7. Vehicle Review Business:

If you have knowledge of automobiles and about each and every new vehicle that comes into the market, then you can start your own business of selling a car or bike at a perfect rate.

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8. Online Tour Guide:

If you have enough knowledge you can design your own website with full information about the tourist spots and help tourists to guide through the search engine.

9. Smartphone Repair:

With so many cell phones in the market, there is a chance that the handset can stop working or could come up with any technical issue. So, with tools and equipment and knowledge, you can start your business without investment in this arena as home-based.


10. Online blogging

For this business, you need a blogging ID and deliver good and entertaining content to people. The topics of the blogs could be anything like food, health, fashion, travel, or even your experiences, which you think would attract people. Once, you start getting visitors, apply for Google Adsense program and you can earn money on a daily basis.


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