Best Work from Home Jobs in Kolkata

Work from home is the best option for the people who are not able to go out and work for their personal expenses. It helps people work at flexible timings. It not only reduces stress and the sickness level but also saves the conveyance. Work from home jobs in Kolkata is becoming very popular.  Besides their main profession, people are working as a part-timer also. Many retired people, housewives, college goers work in part time or full time from home. This is really noticeable and appreciable. There are mainly two types of work from home jobs available. Work from home without investment and the other is with investment.



     By investing in capital, the best option is to start your own small business from home. For that building, contacts are very important. Money investment is not the solution to start up a business. If you are a beginner, then you take help from your reliable known people. They can give you suggestions and ideas. There are many ideas available in Kolkata.


Some Points to Remember While Starting a Business


  • Use money wisely.
  • Take reviews from the market.
  • Make a good business strategy.
  • Give focus on the quality of your product as well as the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Keep the guts to take a risk.
  • Keep patients and don’t give up.


      There are many people who are capable of working, but always not able to invest capital and start their new work. So for them, there are some good work from home jobs in Kolkata without investment available. There are two types of work role available. You can work under an institution or work as a freelancer.


Working under an institution has some benefits. 

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Benefits of Work From Jobs in Kolkata


  • Here you don’t need to find clients and promote your work.
  • You need to follow the instructions given.
  • Maintain the timings of the assignment.
  • Not needed to think about the earnings.
  • Not needed to take much responsibility.


So now let’s check out some options where you can work under an institution as well as continue your passion.


Data entry work online and offline   


Data entry work is a very popular work from home job. It can be online and offline. Online or offline data entry work means to assemblage the data as per client instructions.


Different Areas of Data Entry Work 


  1.   Compilation of data from forms, papers, documents
  2.   Data compilation from the book, manuscripts, survey reports


  1.   Data entry on bills, reports, payrolls etc.
  2.   Compilation of data of insurance companies
  3.   Offline data entry of certain offices for medical records


Online Form Filling 


     Form filling online is a simple and quick copy and paste work. it’s totally a non-technical work. Just you need to copy data from given documents and paste them in required places. This can be a good option for work from home jobs in Kolkata without investment.


Content Writers in any Language  


If you enjoy writing then content writing can be the best option for you. You can write matters as a freelancer or under any organization. You just need to be competent and skillful for these.


Academic Researcher 


It is another interesting option as work from home jobs in Kolkata. Here you need to analyze and brief on a specific topic. This you can do online and offline both. People who have an interest in studies can help them to groom them a lot.


Tele Caller/ Sellers    


Telling calling jobs from home are very popular among the college goers. Many companies hired callers for their customers, who can work from home. They also hired telesellers who can sell their products over the phone. It’s a very easy process. Just like full-time office process in the home also you need to attain the calls and help the customers with the required information. This work from home jobs in Kolkata is appropriate for the people who have excellent talking talent.


Digital Marketing



People who have computer knowledge this work can be an easy option. The companies with which you will attach, provide you with some advertisement of their products and you need to post those through various sites to promote those products. It’s a totally online process so you don’t need to interact with anyone directly.


Network Marketing



People who are good in sales and marketing or have an interest in this type of work then this will be the easiest option for them. Network marketing is basically a business depends on the individual person to person sales. Apart from other sales methods, this one is focused on personal reviews.


Working as a freelancer is not easy work. Building contacts is the hardest challenge and prerequisite skill for a freelancer. But once people started to recognize you, admire your work, then soon your dream can be changed into reality. As a freelancer also various types of work from home jobs in Kolkata available. Now let’s check out those.


Tuition Teacher    


As freelancer tuition will definitely the first option. Teaching is a noble work, which we all know. So if you have concentration and patients then home tuition can be a good choice. According to your level chose the subjects, class and start your work. Besides earning money, it will give you honor also.


Travel Planner



If you have an interest in travel then travel planner can be a good option for you. companies and large groups often need help when planning and organizing travel arrangements. So you can contact to different travel agencies and also individuals to guide them and can offer your services to clients.


Professional Blogger


Blogging is a growing career field that can embrace a variety of different functions and topic areas. If you enjoy writing, photographing then it may be a good choice. 


Wedding Tray Designer       


In wedding seasons this job is a very much needed one. If you are good at designing and making origami, then wedding tray designer can be a great opportunity. Here you can use your innovative designs and spread your contacts too.


Web Designing       


Website designing is a very popular work as a freelancer. For this, you need to take some training. After that, feel free to create your own innovation and design different websites.


Tax Filing 


If you have a tax background then you can be a tax filer easily. You can file any kind of tax like income tax, property tax, etc. this is a source of huge income.


Handmade Products Inventor 


If you have an interest in crafts and art then this is the best option for you. Contact different shops and deliver your products accordingly.


Till now we have seen that there are many options of work from home jobs in Kolkata. But now it’s time to see the other side of the coin. Beside advantages there are some disadvantages of this work and those are really not ignorable at all.


work from jobs in kolkata
work from home job options in Kolkata


The Disadvantages of Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata 


Interruption Between Work  


To work from home family interruption is very much irritating. So whenever you start to work let anyone not to disturb you. It may be hampering your quality of work.


Difficult or Lack of Communication


sometimes it’s difficult to contact the concerned person. Without communication, it’s very difficult to work. So keeping contact with the client is very important.  


Difficult to Manage the Requirement and Maintain Accountability


Sometimes it becomes so difficult to reach the client’s requirement. Maintaining the accountability of the committed work is also sometimes faces difficulty.


Loss of Productivity


If you don’t take safety measures regarding your work then a loss of productivity can be a turn into a big problem.


Low Reliability and Retention


Among other problems, low reliability is a major overcome both the client and the service provider. For this, the retention of work also gets affected.


Issues with Payment and Logistics


Trust is very important to work with anyone. Sometimes it gets lost between the client and the service provider. Then payment issue arises. And it’s very harmful to both the parties.


Security Concern  


The security concern is one of the major problems for work from home jobs in Kolkata. Proper device protection and cybersecurity are very much needed to protect your assignment. Or else it can create a lot of problems and can hamper your work as well.


Apart from all these problems work from home job in Kolkata is one of the best options for the homely people. By the journey of life sometimes people don’t get the proper chance in proper time to prove themselves. But it’s not too late. These work ideas may give them a second chance to live again with their passion and show their talents. It can give them fresh oxygen to their lives and make them independent. These job ideas also can bring confidence and bring them into the limelight.




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